Wealth Management – Real Estate – Asset Protection

30th of November 2016, Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland Register Now


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Forum Agenda

• Asset Allocation for Wealthy Families
• Residential Real Estate
• Planning for Retirement
• Citizenship and Residency Solutions
• International tax planning for HNWI’s
• Health Care Services
• Family Education and International


Richard Horowitz & Associates


With almost 150000 High Net Wort Individuals (more than 1 Mio USD Net worth) Israel is one of the fastest growing Wealth Hot Spots in the World.

Although geographically Israel is Middle East, the source for the Wealth is not Oil or commodities, but the vibrant IT and Tech Industry, where Israeli startups are among world top companies. Israeli new tech millionaires have a different attitude towards wealth management than the traditional private wealth clientele.

Additional source for the growing number of HNWIs moving to Israel from such countries as France, USA, Russia and the UK.

The Forum will explore different ways to address this community and how to serve their particular needs. Discuss with experts and participants the evolving role of family offices for this client group as well as the challenges and opportunities related with investing in emerging markets, alternative investments, real estate and private equity. Get deep insights on all issues related to the management of family wealth such as succession planning, taxation and regulation, asset protection, philanthropy, asset structuring and many more.


Hansa Fincon is a provider of marketing and consulting services for international companies in the financial industry. The company focuses on so-called 'hidden markets' and supports Western financial companies in creating new partnerships and distribution channels. In the last five years, Hansa Fincon organized events and assisted in market entry for different companies in Russia, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, the United States and in the Ukraine.